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Medisonic Sdn Bhd is a Medical Device company that supply medical equipment, devices and consumables to the area of Respiratory, Pulmonary Intervention, ENT, ICU and other medical department in the hospital.

We Employ Latest & Reliable Technologies

Medisonic Sdn Bhd incorporated in Jan 2023, is part of Danmedik group of companies. Medisonic is dedicated to the distribution of medical technologies in the area of respiratory care, sleep disorders, pulmonary intervention, ENT and medical consumables.

At Medisonic, we always passionate and ambitiously in bringing the latest and reliable technologies to cater for the medical needs. We employ a team of professionally trained personnel, with strong backgrounds in sales, engineering and clinical applications.


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Company Objective

Our main objective is to focus on distributing and providing high quality evidence-based medical equipment with prompt after-sales-service support to the end-users. With the various types of high quality and high accuracy diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, we facilitate clinicians in diagnosing their patients accurately and hence, to provide the best treatment for the best outcome.

High Quality Medical Equipment

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Qualified Staff

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Our Brand

Our Brand

Our Key Management


Mr. Daniel Chan

Executive Director

Daniel Chan has more than 30 years of experience in the medical field specializing in Neurology and Respiratory care. He is the founder of Danmedik Sdn Bhd, and providing advisory support to Medisonic Sdn Bhd.


Mr. Stanry Lau

Managing Director

Stanry Lau has been in the medical field for over two decades specializing in Respiratory care and Pulmonary Intervention. He is the founder of Medisonic Sdn Bhd and is managing the entire operation of the company.

Get The Latest And Most Advanced Medical Equipment

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